I am the most passionate videographer in Bristol. I'm 22 years old and all I think about is wedding films - I'm not joking! Having enjoyed creating short films at school I haven't dreamt of doing anything else ever since. I'm a fun, approachable and professional young man who loves meeting new people, especially wedding couples!

Okay, so personal life. Well.. I never leave my house without my camera, my job is my life and I enjoy it.

Other than filming I also have a passion for music, I always tell wedding couples that if they have a great party then I will stay all night and do some shots with them to celebrate even more! Before you ask, I love all genres but my top three would be: Pop Punk, 90s Cheese and Rap.

Being born in Bristol, I've got a 'farmer' accent which is pointed out to me quite a lot, especially when I travel up and down the country! I think my wife has more of an accent if I'm honest (don't tell her I said that!) My wife, yes I'm married. We met at a local Bristol school and we've been together since the age of 14. I help her run her business as well 'Bowyers Pet Care' so if you want any pet care in Bristol - let us know! We got married 6th July 2018 and it was a dream come true, we had always talked about our wedding day from a young age and our special day was everything more than we imaged. Of course, we still watch our wedding film and end up crying as it's such a great way to relive the memories. Another reason why I love my job.

Back to my wedding videography business, I started filming weddings in April 2018 and I'm so chuffed to have met such lovely couples in the first year. I'm getting so busy which is great because I love what I do and I am very fortunate to have combined my passion with my work-life.

Going forward, I don't want to do anything else. I love weddings, I can't express that enough. I'm looking forward to the future, more learning, more wonderful people and more fun!