Being Made Redundant

If you didn’t know already, I used to work for Tesco as well as running my business.

I’ve always worked in retail, I started at Laservision installing hi-fi equipment, then moved onto selling tools at Toolstation and finally moved to Tesco. I enjoyed what I was doing, I was climbing up the ladder to potentially being a manager but started my business instead. You can read another blog which explains more here.

Warfi Films has been up and running for around a year and a half now and it’s been phenomenal. I’ve always had high aspirations into turning it into my full-time job and it’s come quicker than I expected. Tesco made me redundant. Oh well - right? At least I have another income. As much as that’s true, it is a little scary.

If you know me well, you’ll understand that I will always try to turn a negative into a positive. Yes, being made redundant may have happened sooner than I thought but I’m going to take advantage of the situation and push more for my business. Yes, I don’t have that security of a stable income every month but lets try and replace that income with another booking instead. Yes, I won’t see any of my old loyal customers as much but I’m going to meet more couples and their families instead. Yes, it could go downhill quickly but only if I think negatively. Lastly, I may have more “free-time” but I’m going to use it wisely to enhance my business in all aspects.

Now I don’t know if that was to convince myself or you but I can re-read this blog myself for inspiration and confidence if I ever feel doubtful, so either way, it’s helpful.

What I really want to talk about is positivity. Every day, I say to myself “If I passed away tomorrow, would I be happy for what I did today?” and I’ve kept that mindset since attending a funeral a month ago which really effected me. I can honestly tell you, that I have never been happier. In everyones day to day life, personal or business, we all receive bumps in the road, I think of these as tests to ourselves and we have to mentally deal with the situation and turn it around to become stronger mentally which results in being stronger physically. Now I don’t mean physically as in you’ll be able to lift 100KG but I mean you will feel more energised into getting up and doing something, whether that’s a walk, taking up a new hobby, writing a plan to achieve a certain goal or simply seeing family members. A positive mind means a positive outcome. Would I be happy with dying tomorrow? Yes because today I wrote this blog which is something I enjoy doing. Yes because I’m with my loved ones. Yes because I have given life-long memories to others with wedding films. Now, I know I won’t have left behind a legacy but I will know that I lived life to the fullest, happy.

Back to the redundancy, it’s just a bump in the road which happened sooner than I thought. It’s life. Things happen for a reason. If you ever feel like you need a helping hand, contact me. I don’t just film weddings, I am a human being trying to live my life how I want to and so should you.