Dear Passionate Photographers

We return to talk about photographers. This time, a more positive note. If you haven’t yet read my other blog about unpassionate photographers, you can ready that here.

I’ve worked with numerous photographers but the last four weeks has been wonderful, wonderful enough to make a blog.

A wedding day can be seen as a number of things, I see it as a unique and joyful day for two people and that’s all. Everything is about the couple, full stop. When I work with photographers who have the same mindset as myself, it not only makes my job easier but ensures that the couple are not stressing about us.

The photo thumbnail in this blog is Andrew Miller Photography captured by Bobbie Lee Photography. I can talk for hours about Andrew, he’s like a second dad to me. Not only does he do a tremendous job at capturing photographs for his business but he ensures that I capture what I want on a wedding day as well for mine. I cannot stand photographers who demand precedence over a couple just because they’ve met terrible videographers in the past - it’s about working together as a team, even if you’ve never met before, for the couple. I first met Andrew in April 2018, at my third booked wedding. Ever since then, he’s taught me everything about running a business and how to be successful. We have kept in touch, we talk almost every day and he is a part of my life. Shooting weddings with him is a dream. Like I said, I could talk about Andrew for hours so I’ll continue the praise in another blog.

I want to talk about Matt, from Matt Brodie Photography. I met him for the very first time on the 20th September 2019 and we instantly got on well. We introduced ourselves, we shared some ideas straight away and when it got to certain key points throughout the day such as the ceremony and speeches, Matt was offering to help me out on where to stand, how to make it easier for us both and he made me feel at ease. Bearing in mind, I’ve never met him before!

If I had to summarise the entire day in a sentence, it would be “The photographer wanted me to capture great shots as much as he did on the day.” and that’s how it should be for every wedding.

Getting on with photographers can be a task when they are not passionate about what they do. On someones wedding day, the last thing couples want to see is two bickering “togs” trying to get the best shot. You can easily see why couples ask their photographer to recommend a videographer that they work well with for that reason.

I don’t know many videographers but I’m going to say how I feel. I love photographers, ones who really love what they do, ones who want the best for me as well as themselves and ones who actually have a conversation with me throughout the day - c’mon we’re spending around 12 hours with each other! Passionate photographers are also quite knowledgeable and as I’ve worked with many, I get to understand their styles and try something new. The creativity is endless with a passionate photographer and that’s what I love the most!

Today, I want to thank all of the photographers who do their best for the couple and for me. You control almost every hour of a wedding, more than us videographers for definite and I take my hat off to you. To be able to get along with you makes the entire day happier and when it comes to the editing, I’ll feel like I want to re-live it again. If I’ve got footage of you taking photo, you’re in the film as well because you are a part of the day.

A shout out to the photographers who I have recognised go above and beyond are Andrew Miller Photography, Bobbie Lee Photography, Oliver Rees Photography, Studio Square Photography, Daniella Marinos Photography and Matt Brodie Photography.