I'm Going To Be A Daddy!


I’ve been with my wife for what it feels to be an eternity. I also mean that in the best way possible!

Now, I haven’t written any cheesy paragraphs about my wife since I was 15 years old but we’re about to make this a record.

Meeting Jess at school in 2008 is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We had the opportunity to build a relationship together as well as grow up from our teenage years into adulthood. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our bumps in the road but it’s made us stronger together as a couple. (PS. I’m not going to write down everything as trying to fit 8 years of memories would almost be writing a book!)

Here’s a short summary. Back in 2011 we would play Call of Duty together after school and Skype each other most nights before bed. Our first date was at our local cinema and we watched Planet of The Apes. Jess used to live 10 miles away from me, so keeping in contact other than school days was our number one concern. 2012 was our last year at school. At prom myself and Jess won the award “Most likely to get married” - spoiler alert.. WE DID!! 2013 would bring us to our college years, where we would still try and see each other as much as we could. Jess was driving at this time so it was easier than FaceTime (we upgraded from Skype!) We would go endless shopping trips together followed by endless date nights as we had our first jobs then as well. In 2014, we went on our first holiday together to Prague - an amazing experience. I then started renting my own flat in 2015, which then I proposed to Jess. Read that specific blog here. 2017 would bring us to moving into Portishead and living together, a very unique step into the relationship as we never truly lived together before. 2018 would be the start of both of our business’, again another great achievement for us both. In the same year, we tied the knot and got married. Here we are today, in 2019, announcing that we are having a baby!

It’s been a spectacular journey so far and I wouldn’t wish to spend it with anyone else. From a young age we have both talked about our aspirations for the future together, getting married, living together and having a family. Who knew that time would pass us by so quickly and that we’re about to achieve another joint goal.

The reveal to our family and friends went so well. On the 27th September 2019 aka. My Birthday - we hired out a private function room at a local pub and pretended that it was just a birthday party. We had Olly from Enhanced Entertainment play the music and what a tremendous job he did. We also had Andrew from Andrew Miller Photography take some photos and he captured all of the great reactions! We played our reveal video on the big screen at 9:00pm and I was so nervous! Nevertheless, the news is now finally out in the open and the reveal couldn’t have gone any better. If you haven’t yet saw our pregnancy reveal video, you can watch it here.

We are both looking forward to the birth of our baby (I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a girl!) and we would both like thank our family and friends who have helped us along our journey as a couple. I’ve just got one last thing to say..